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  • Annesthesia Pipe

    $95.00  /  0.01101 Ƀ

    A modern interpretation on Art Deco design, the Annesthesia Pipe offers sleek, sophisticated and simultaneously ergonomic smokeware for a diverse range of consumers.

    Enjoy the smoke billow through the chamber of this modern disc-shaped ceramic pipe as you take a breath. Annesthesia’s wide design feels great in the palm of your hands and also gives the smoke more room to cool down before reaching your lips. This feature makes for a powerfully smooth smoking experience with great ergonomics. Annesthesia is the perfect accessory to leave out on your coffee table. A chic pipe for the modern enthusiast.


  • PetSuite™

    $750.00$925.00  /  0.0869 Ƀ

    Available in a variety of sizes and stylish colors to compliment your interior decor, The  Pet-Suite™  will provide a focal point for any living space.