3D Instant Quote

Your dedicated 3D print emporium

From prototypes to functional 3D printed parts, place your order in less than 5 minutes.

1.Upload 3D model

Upload your CAD files for auto analysis, file repair and instant onscreen quote. We accept STL, OBJ and STEP files.

2. Material Selection

Select from our wide range of in-house 3D printing technologies, materials and finishes to meet your project needs.

3. Payment

Complete payment with cryptocurrency, paypal or credit/debit card and your 3D models will be sent to our production queue to be manufactured..

4. Delivery

Receive your custom 3D printed parts at your doorstep within 4 business days.

Does manufacturing need to be complicated? We don’t think so. We have entered the next Industrial Revolution and our process is really as simple as the four steps above. With our advanced 3D Manufacturing Center we can handle almost any volume; with respect to the material, size and application. While contract manufacturing has evolved to 3D printing tens of thousands of parts in a week we also offer CAD/CAE, and digital design services . Are you exploring all your options? Let us help you transform your supply chain by unlocking the transformative power of on-demand manufacturing.

The cost of 3D printing is primarily based on the overall material volume of your part, i.e. the amount of material used. We recommend you send us the file first so we can view the quality of the data and then we will produce an accurate quote for the cost and production time. If you are confident that the volume of your model is correct and fits within the recommendations of our design guide, then you can estimate the cost by using our instant quote estimator.