About us


We create deeply connected products that enable powerful relationships between products and people. OAC has extensive product development experience and works with some of the top people in the creative fields, industrial design, engineering, and fabrication to create products a cut above the competition. We are a company that nurtures and cultivates innovative ideas! Not only do we thrive on solving complex problems with simple solutions, but we also aspire to stimulate human behavior, emotions, and attitudes through objects. We tell extraordinary stories through industrial design and experience.

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We never design in the box.

Product design is comprised of multiple avenues, touchpoints, interactions and emotions. Our approach considers and designs for all moments of the customer journey. We balance user needs with a rich understanding of systems, processes and technology. This method enables us to have a broad impact across all aspects of the brand-service-product ecosystem.

We engage with multidisciplinary teams.

On each of our carefully selected engagements we customize a team comprised of researchers, designers, strategist and technologist.

We focus on immediate, tactical results with an eye towards a long term strategic goal.

To stay competitive in today’s world, you must move quickly and intelligently. Rapid prototyping, testing and implementation cycles paired with deep user, market and technology research allow us the ability to continuously deliver while always keeping an eye on long term vision.

We’re human-centered, an approach that extends from end users to brands.

The ultimate success of any product is driven by the people impacted by its results. This is why our approach puts people first when designing goods.

We craft beauty and delight from the brand to the micro-moment.

The progressive, innovative and delightful aesthetics we create are essential differentiators for our B2C and B2B clients in today’s digital landscape. We pride ourselves in having some of the best industrial designers and fabricators in the industry.

We answer great design with strong technology.

If you can’t make it and bring it to life, you can’t understand it. With designers and developers working together throughout the life-cycle of out projects, we enable more innovative design solutions and bring concepts to life quickly and confidently