3D Printing

On -Demand Additive Manufacturing

Bring your ideas from mind to matter by taking full advantage of the capabilities of additive manufacturing and our in-house machines. Our consulting service supports you on creative projects, redesign for mass production and co-creation. Our goal is to help you manufacture parts using 3D printing with the best quality/price ratio.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a process by which a 3D file is turned into a physical object by adding layer-upon-layer of material. A term often used as a synonym of Additive Manufacturing is 3D Printing. While it covers almost the same idea, it’s generally admitted that Additive Manufacturing designates a more professional use of this technology. Additive Manufacturing is permitted by the creation of a 3D file through a 3D modelling software, also called CAD software (Computer Aided Design). This step is at the very beginning of any use of Additive Manufacturing. The 3D file gives information to machine which specifies where it should add material. The main benefit of creating an object through Additive Manufacturing is that each unit costs the same price, making it really affordable to produce just one or a few. There is no need to invest in tooling.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is particularly effective specifically where more traditional manufacturing methods are inefficient. For companies and individuals, Additive Manufacturing is redefining the relationship between design and manufacturing, considering that an object can be produced if it can be imagined . While traditional manufacturing has constraints and limitations , Additive Manufacturing enables a freedom of shapes, forms and quantity.

  • the production of functional parts printed simultaneously.
  • the production of high-performance mechanical equipment.
  • mass customization of specialized parts.

Create your design.

Create your 3D design in any CAD software you want. We handle a wide variety of file formats to answer all your additive manufacturing needs. Instantly access the production capacity of our equipment with wide-ranging capabilities.

Print your design.

We use the best professional 3D printers to manufacture your prototypes and end-use parts. Get feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days. Made by OAC puts Big Data to work for you.

Receive your design.

Receive your custom parts anywhere by delivery.Quality parts delivered at consistently low prices. Guaranteed. Our priority is making parts to your specifications.

Plastic (FDM) 3D Printing

FDM is the abbreviation for Fused Deposition Modeling. In FDM, a strand of material (in this case: thermoplastics) is deposited in layers to create a 3D printed object. FDM 3D printing is a technology that works both horizontally and vertically.During printing, the plastic filament is fed through a hot extruder where the plastic gets soft enough that it can be precisely placed by the print head. The melted filament is then deposited layer by layer in the print area to build the work piece.

Many businesses use FDM 3D printing technology as it allows the creation of detailed and intricate objects. FDM works with a range of standard thermoplastics, such as ABS, PLA, and their various blends. The technique is well-suited for basic proof-of-concept models, as well as quick and low-cost prototyping of simple parts, such as parts that might typically be machined.

What are the benefits of printing with FDM?

  • High strength & durability
  • Good impact resistance
  • Professional finish
  • Functional end-use
  • Thin features & interlocking parts

FDM material options?

  • PLA, PETG, TPU, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, WoodFilled, Exotics (special request)

Required file format for submission?

  • We currently support .stl, .stp (.step), and .obj files

Required scale for 3D prints?

  • Millimeters (mm)

Dual extruder:

  • Multi-filament 3D printing

Maximum print size:

  • 304.8 x 304.8 x 299.7 .mm
  • 12 x 12 x 11.8 .in (1699 in³)

Layer Thickness:

  • Draft quality(0.02mm) Makes a quick and draft print.
  • Standard quality (0.1mm) This profile is applicable to most prints.
  • High quality (0.06mm) Prints with a very smooth surface quality.

Minimum wall thickness:

  • 0.8mm

Minimum surface details:

  • 0.5mm

Minimum wire details:

  • 1mm

Minimum hole diameter:

  • 2mm

Additive Manufacturing FAQs

Yes. We have in-house industrial designers who are fully conversant with 3D Printing technology and are able to produce a full range of design types for you. Whether you are starting from a sketch on the back of an napkin, a 2D drawing or have a 3D model that needs refining; we can produce a printable 3D file for you.

This is not advisable as there may not be anyone available to take a look at your file with you. There is nothing to be gained by hand delivering your CAD file. You will not receive your prints any faster by doing so. If you are seeking advice regarding your CAD file, please send it to us along with your questions. The best way to send us your file is to use the upload facility on the website or use Dropbox / Hightail / WeTransfer or Google Drive and send it to our madeby@ordoabchaodesign.com address. If your file is 20MB or less, you can simply send it as an e-mail attachment. Whichever method of sending you use, please always include a description of what you require.


As a matter of company policy we do not discuss details of projects and your uploaded files cannot be downloaded by anyone other than ourselves.

  • We have our own standard Non Disclosure Agreement which we can sign with you to cover your project upon request.
  • Alternatively, we are in the process of implementing 3D print blockchain protocol

Yes we can.  Using our in-house 3D printers, we can produce as many or as few of your production parts as you need.  Get in touch with your requirements and we will gladly talk you through the process.

Yes we do. Students and faculty get 15% off


Current students and faculty, create an account with an active .edu email address.


15% discount will be applied at the last step of check out.