3D Payment Information


The best way to calculate pricing for Direct Print is to upload your file to our website and get an immediate quote. If you are looking at Volume Print, the best way is to submit a request to our Volume Print department. Our price algorithm takes into account the individual details of each model, for which it can vary from one piece to another. However, below are a few things that you can keep in mind when thinking about the price of your 3D print:

Surface Area:

The surface area refers to the “skin” covering the piece. This includes every exposed and unexposed surface. For instance, if you have a solid cube, the measurement of all 6 sides of the cube would be the surface area. If you were to take that same cube and make it hollow, the surface area would almost double since the algorithm would now be measuring the 6 inner panels, in addition to the 6 outer sides.


Volume is determined by multiplying Height, Width, and Length. This can get complicated because not all pieces have constant measurements all around. So, if a piece starts at 10mm high, but ends at 5mm high, each segment of the piece will generate its own volume measurement and will be added at the end to determine the total volume of the part.

Print Time:

This refers to the time your part will spend on our printers, which will affect how long a printer is unavailable, will drive up power usage, and will increase the risk of failure -The longer a part is on the printer, the more opportunities there are for something going wrong. An increased risk of failure means a part may have to print several times.

Material Usage:

This is something you may or may not be able to control, based on whether you use Direct Print or Volume Print. Direct Print has standard settings (for infill, shell thickness, and layer height) that preserve quality while optimizing price. When using Volume Print you may use different settings, but this may increase the price.

Support Material:

Anytime you have an overhang (at more than 45 degrees), support material will be needed. Using support material will increase the amount of filament used. Let’s say you are printing an open box facing down. When printing the object this way, support material will completely fill the object, more than tripling the volume of your print.

Set-up and Post-Processing:


A printer has to be set up before it starts printing (clean plate, correct filament color, maintenance check). So, each time a new part is printed, there is a set-up fee for it. This can be noticed when uploading multiple files to one order.


Post-processing is everything that happens after a part has finished printing. Some of this includes harvesting, plate removal, and support material cleanup. This is where having a part with fewer overhangs can pay off, since the less time we need to use to clean up a part, the lower the cleanup fee may be.

Production Speed:

This is where you can definitely hit some savings. If you send your part in advance and you are willing to wait 5 days (2 more days from the standard production time), you can save up to 10% of your whole order. This works the same the other way around; if you need your piece to be completed within 1 or 2 days, there will be a rush fee.


This is another area where it will depend on how fast you need your parts. We offer USPS and FedEx and you can choose a range of delivery speeds.

Our pricing is calculated differently based on your specific needs.

Direct Printing:

Direct Printing is meant for smaller print runs (anything below $1K). No customization is needed and our customers can upload their files to our website and order the number of prints desired. Our pricing is determined by an object’s volume, print time, and material. You can calculate your price by uploading your design here.

Volume Printing:

Volume Printing focuses on larger print runs (above $1K), the need for customization, or requiring design services. Our pricing can vary depending on the size of your project, the involvement of our designers, whether assembly is required, and many other unique factors.

The process of Volume printing normally starts with you submitting a request for a quote, a call or text to our Sales Team (1.562.231.6262), or a detailed email to thestudio@ordoabchaodesign.com to give us an idea about your project.

If you have to modify or cancel your order, please contact us by phone, text, or email as soon as possible. Keep in mind that depending on the Production Speed you chose, your order may have already started printing and may no longer be refundable.  

Here are the different ways to contact us:

Call or text us: Call or text Support at (562) 231-6262

Email us: Write to thestudio@ordoabchaodesign.com

Please note that refunds are not guaranteed and are offered on a case by case basis.

  • To pay by card, please use the Square payment button on your invoice.
  • We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Apple pay and Google pay
  • Regular business customers can apply for an account.
  • This is then billed monthly and should be paid after 30 days.
  • Students and faculty receive 15% off
  • Visit our Student Discount page for more information.